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Denyx solid surfacing is an advanced composite material made of an acrylic modified polyester resin and natural minerals.  It is blended under vacuum to eliminate all porosity and produce a strong dense highly stain resistant material.  There are no surface coatings on any Denyx products, it is the same high quality material throughout its thickness.  It is cast into a variety of sizes and shapes and although it can be routed, cut, and seamed like traditional solid surfacing most Denyx solid surfacing is absolutely seamless.

Because Denyx is cast on our innovative highly flexible combination of molds there is none of the waste associated with fabricating from sheet goods resulting in an affordable selection of high quality products.  Tubs, sinks, shower pans and various bath accessories are all easily cast in one piece in combinations practically impossible to produce from the traditional flat sheets of solid surfacing.

Denyx solid surfacing is available in a wide array of granite effects and solid colors with new colors being added continually.  Color matches are possible in the solid colors to coordinate with practically any decorating idea you can imagine.


Denyx versus  Engineered Stone  
Cultured marble is a composite of ground marble mixed with a plastic resin and cast on a mold.  The color of the cultured marble goes all the way through the material and the glossy, non-porous, stain resistant finish comes from the gelcoated surface that is chemically bonded into the marble when it is cast. 


Engineered Stone / Cultured Marble
Colors Solid colors or granite effects are available Solid colors or an unlimited variety of veined styles are available. 
Durability Stronger than cultured marble or natural stone.  Chips and scratches can be sanded out.  Highly heat resistant and if burned the burn can be sanded off of the surface. Stronger than natural stone since it is not brittle.  Minor scratches can be removed with light sanding and polishing.
Custom sizes Can be cast into a variety of sizes and shapes and further customized by seaming and cutting into any configuration Can be cast into a variety of sizes and shapes but cultured marble is limited to the available mold sizes
Cutting Can be cut and routed to produce any shape or edge profile and polished to a finished surface Can be trimmed to fit but once cultured marble is cut it cannot be polished to match the original finish
Seams Nearly invisible seams allow pieces to be fabricated into any size and shape. High quality seams are not possible in cultured marble
Stain resistance Can not be permanently stained.  Non-porous surface is highly stain resistant and completely renewable. Hygienic surface coating is non-porous and stain resistant.
Color matching Solid colors may be ordered in custom color matches Both solid and veined colors can be custom matched and combined into an infinite array of colors











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